Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Names in the Sand

We had been going on a lot of outdoor adventures lately. Illusia's uncle (and my long, lost brother) was visiting from nearly 3000 miles away and the temperatures have been beyond  nice. Perfect, ideal really and we have had a lot of time spent time with nature.

Here is an example of a tranquil park visit complete with images of the fun to be had with sticks, sand and a decent camera. :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reflections of an Almost Year

See this beautiful girl?

happy flower girl

She... is being raised a vegetarian, loves food and trying out more everyday, gives kisses with an open mouth, loves my hair, likes playing dress up,  d a n c e s to anything with a beat, thinks wet hair is funny, throws everything on the ground, never leaves her socks on, laughs at sneezes, thinks everything is edible, has 4 ½ teeth, is very ticklish, kicks in her sleep, bites indiscriminately, is quiet with strangers, loves to laugh, thinks beds are for jumping, squeals at the sight of animals, h u g s with a l l her strength, hates to be alone, waves with 2 hands, plays with her feet, adores all things shiny, will be walking soon, cries when her feelings are hurt, tries to cheer me up when mine are, pats (hits) affectionately, is 1 year old next month!

I cannot believe it has been 11 months, that next month the tiny baby I brought home will be entering toddler hood. As much as I am excited to see her get bigger and look forward to each little moment, I also find myself mourning her old self as every day she changes.

It is also bittersweet posting this, as this blog something I wanted to do since before she was born but so many obstacles and challenges in life have kept me. First it was I had no camera then it was making a perfect blog them and just as my life seemed to be going good an eviction swiped the floor out from under me and up until recently I have had no internet access. I feel really bad somehow that I could not share those little moments as they happened. That I could not document every breath and coo and laugh and come back to look at it forever.

But I try not to stay in the past, it is my nature being a natural 'reflector' but I try to look forward to the future and continue to cherish all the small and large moments alike on here with all that will listen.