Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wild Weekend

Ugh, it has been so hard to get back into the swing of regular updating, even when I want to. I was excited about sharing our adventures last weekend, but every-time I started to make a post, I felt like there was nothing to say. I think it has a lot to do with STRESS. Mostly over the fact that next month our 6 month lease is up and though we have managed to pay every month and are not behind it was not always on time and there is a chance the landlord might want to find a 'better' tenant.  Add to that the fact Illusia is just starting to teethe in her canines and is so cranky I basically cannot say or do anything without her exploding in tears and much stress!

I did not get much sleep last night, so this might come across nonsensical but I want to share something not so gloomy: Last Sunday we had some definite fauna fun. It was an 105 degree high and normally I would elect to stay home and not go anywhere. But summer is fleeting and everyone was sick of being cooped up by the weather... so we battled the heat and went to the Hutchinson Zoo on Sunday morning. Even though we got there at 10:30 am, it was already 94 degrees, by the time we left, 45 minutes later it was already 100!
Still manged to enjoy ourselves a bit, mostly in the shade. It was a quaint little place with only a few animals and most of them were in their caves/houses trying to stay cool (and why was I not again..?) I liked the fact that the zoo had a strong rehabilition program and a lot of their animals young may leave the zoo and some of the animals in the zoo actually came from those that were not able to be returned to the wild (and not captive breeding programs, at least according to their website.
As a huge animal lover, I still have mixed feelings on zoos though. Some things I noticed that I wish they would improve on is the size of some of the animals exbibits and the fact that some jerk had thrown trash into the deer's water and it was all green and slimy. Which made me feel very sad for the majestic, obviously very friendly deer

We took a lot of breaks and Illusia enjoyed a home-made-water-bottle sprinkler, she really loved to get cooled off and play around! We took one last break in the grass to have a snack and take some photos. Speaking of photos, my camera got overheated and it really effected the quality of a lot of the photos. Some were dark, grainy and blotchy, mostly the ones I had Grandma A. take of me and Illusia, which proves I never should have my picture taken as I will break the camera!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cataclysms Silent

Just waiting for my camera batteries to charge up so I have plenty of 'ammo' to get some images later this evening (when it cools off a bit.) Have a fun little trip planned this weekend, but I will keep the details secret to avoid spoiling the suprise.
Here are some random pictures from earlier today of my dear running around and being her crazy little self. I made it into a collage and it now resides as my new desktop. :)

clickie for bigger.

And here is a poem from the poetry section of this blog. I have not shared it on a blog post yet, so I thought I might today :).

D u l c e t 

So soft.
The waves, the expression on your face
I hear you calling
you are the dulcet to my ears.

So far.
I wander, oblivious to the shadows
you light reflects on to me
you are the starlight to my eyes.

A kiss.
by sunshine, genteel and honeyed
your sweetness is contagious
you are the the love of my life.

You turn,
cataclysms silent, sirens into whispers
I hear you breathing
you are the dulcet to my ears.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Great Sippy Cup Disappearance

Strange things happen in summer heat. Especially when said summer heat is 110 frickin' ridiculous degrees!  The plan was to stay home and sit in front of the air conditioner....until it cools off, you know around.... autumn. But that was before the great sippy cup disappearance!

 One second it was there, then there was a great cuphunt and every single Illusia reachable area (as well as quite a few that we not reachable) was explored and no sign off the full, bright blue sippy cup was found! To make things even stranger, I asked Illusia what happened to her drink (and she knows what it is) and she pointed to my laptop! 

I asked her how a sippy cup could go into a laptop and she pointed to the corner of the room and said as plain as day 'he did it.' I kid you not! A creeeeepy creature lives in my room and sucks things into my laptop. Like sippy cups (and probably all those socks too.)

 Not her sippy cup-- image found on google. The creature is totally mine though.

I am thinking since said sippy cup was full of milk that pretty soon we will be finding it by smell and see that Illusia set the whole thing up because she wants a new one... Or if we never find it and she was right...I wonder if 'he' sucks other things into there, I keep checking my screen for solidness and nope, no earthly barrier to the other side. I also and wondering is he spits things back out also, like an  ice cream sundae. Mostly I am thinking 'creepy creature, you owe me 4.99!'

Anyway I am quite bored and the heat has clearly gotten to me. Time to drink massive amounts of liquids and watch netflix now.