Friday, August 6, 2010

Cataclysms Silent

Just waiting for my camera batteries to charge up so I have plenty of 'ammo' to get some images later this evening (when it cools off a bit.) Have a fun little trip planned this weekend, but I will keep the details secret to avoid spoiling the suprise.
Here are some random pictures from earlier today of my dear running around and being her crazy little self. I made it into a collage and it now resides as my new desktop. :)

clickie for bigger.

And here is a poem from the poetry section of this blog. I have not shared it on a blog post yet, so I thought I might today :).

D u l c e t 

So soft.
The waves, the expression on your face
I hear you calling
you are the dulcet to my ears.

So far.
I wander, oblivious to the shadows
you light reflects on to me
you are the starlight to my eyes.

A kiss.
by sunshine, genteel and honeyed
your sweetness is contagious
you are the the love of my life.

You turn,
cataclysms silent, sirens into whispers
I hear you breathing
you are the dulcet to my ears.

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