Thursday, April 29, 2010

Behind the Fangs

Just felt today, like explaining the reason for the name of this blog. It stems from a dream. I dream I had while about 7 months pregnant when little Illusia was still in the soft darkness of my womb. In this dream of haze and incandescent, colorful images I saw as clear as day my baby as a beautiful faerie with clear blue eyes, chestnut hair and stunning blue wings.
 - a piece of digital artwork (photmanip) based on my dream.

She turned and smiled sweetly to me and she had two perfect, pointed little fangs like a vampire. Then I woke up. For being 'unreal' the dream was like the polished glass of a mirror and I can still picture her exactly as I saw her. 

I think she becomes more and more like that dream everyday. Both literally and figuratively. Her eyes have gotten lighter and more blue since birth and they are like the ocean, endless. I can look into her eyes forever and still see new speckles of color or radiant light that I had overlooked before. Now, she is even growing in her own fangs (canine teeth.)

Personality wise, she reminds me daily of the name of this blog. On one side she is spunky, fiesty and a big ham. On the other she is so sweet, sensitive, delicate and full of wonder. One might say magical.

I am just so happy she is in my life.


She dreams of fire
and obsidian nights,

Blue cinder eyelashes
and kaleidescope eyes.

A walk through a stone path

A roll in the mirth's grass

And underneath petals she hides

She flutters softly inside me
like tragedienne wings,

Making all of the cosmos
an insignificant thing.

Her sonants through bluebells

a mesmerism she stirs well

her stars made of feathers to fly.

 - a poem I wrote that is also based on my dream.
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