Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earthly Delights

Went to Wichita's Earthfest 2010 yesterday. Illusia had a complete blast! Earthfest is a great celebration every year in Wichita that brings together a lot of different groups promoting eco-friendly living, veg*nism, local and sustainable food, fish and wildlife protection, organic resources, recycling, gardening, etc. Just a bunch of really great causes.

We got Illusia a free flower to plant in our backyard, a beautiful burgundy colored, recycled, tie dyed romper for an upcoming birthday present. She ate some hummus on homemade bread and had a vegan chocolate chip cookie.

She saw ducks, she fed ducks, she loves ducks. In fact, she has all her ducks in a row.

Sat in the shade to have some lunch, Got too chilly so we went into the sun to  hear some free local music.

There, Illusia sang (some may call it screaming) to the beat & discovered she does not like the taste of grass but does like to try on Grandma's hat.

Plus she saw a puppy-dog, which she also loves, muchly.

The best part (for me), it was not even very crowded. As she napped, we stopped at Target on the way home to pay for Illusia's birthday cake! Yay, we are so excited. What a good day!!!

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