Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Lillies & Hidden Treasures

Easter always reminds me of flowers.

I am not religious so I do not think of the holiday traditionally. Rather I tend to look at it as a celebration of the beauty of spring. And, there is so much beauty to celebrate! Everywhere you look life blossoms, from the baby animals scurrying about to the petals that adorn each tree. From the rain drops falling like crystals to the ground to the clear blue sky and luminescent sun, nourishing the Earth.

I am so happy to share this splendor with my lovely girl and she looked every bit the beautiful spring flower as any growing in the garden.

I think in these pictures, she most reminds me of a pink Easter lily. Soft porcelain skin gently flowing into her pale pink dress, just like the leaves of said flower. Her birth flower is actually the Lily and she perfectly captures it's innocent beauty.

She had a lot of fun hunting around the back yard for eggs and hidden treasures in her basket. She then came inside to nap, change and wreak havoc on a poor, sprinkled pastel cupcake. Then it was time for supper and she shared with me a cruelty free (aside from the fore mentioned cupcake ^_^) meal of Tofurkey and Mashed Potatoes with Vegetarian gravy.

(-- I had a picture of dinner also but it did not turn out. These were taken with a cheap disposable camera, I am currently waiting impatiently for my battery charger in the mail so I can use my digital camera again after I lost my cable. ^_-)

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