Friday, July 9, 2010

Maximum Overdrive II

Haven't been around the blogging world for a few days now.... Either writing or reading, I hope to change that soon and was going to make a post on Wednesday as I planned to go somewhere with Illusia but I ended up getting hurt trying to install a new video card in an old computer and spent the rest of the day laying down.

Now, I was smart enough to unplug everything to install it but when I did and it still did not work I thought I might just jiggle it a little bit to see if the connection was loose and BAM cut my finger on the fan blade and zapped myself on something next to it. Apparently it was idiot proof! I went into the bathroom to clean up my finger and suddenly felt dizzy and apparently passed out on the bathroom floor and hit my head, which is where I woke up, face down on the bathroom floor.

I am still not sure if I passed out from seeing the blood (as I have seen much more without much thought, I am a clumsy mess and always injuring myself) or if it had more to do with the electricity that coursed through me. Either head hurt and I felt tingly and woozy all day. The worst part of it all is that I still did not get the darn computer to work! I feel like I am a huge moron for doing something so totally off-the-wall stupid like sticking my finger inside a running computer (so why am I posting this again?) and also ashamed for loosing a fight with a giant hunk of metal that no longer even works.

I hope tomorrow is better. I know I am taking the computer apart and selling it for parts, that'll show it! Just to make it legal here is a cute image of Illusia from the 3rd. Getting SO big and yeah also tinted pink.

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