Saturday, July 3, 2010

Moving Pictures

Gearing up for the 

We are going to spend some time with family and try to catch a good fireworks show. Last year, little Illusia was only 2 months old and not really too excited about the decorations blasting in the sky. She was even less enthused with the sound. So, I am hoping this year is a real treat for her.

She is a lot of fun and trouble lately. Being a real patience tester and is into everything, totally ignoring me and then giving kisses and hugs when she gets in trouble...what a little stinker! On the flip side she has really been blossoming in her small motor control and baby signs have come easy to her and in the last few days she has learned 'all done', 'diaper' and 'bath.' She can also point to her head, ears, nose and feet when asked (& if she feels like it) and has graduated to a straw sippy cup.

I finally purchased the memory card I needed, am currently charging up two batteries for my camera and cannot wait to start this amazing weekend with Illusia. Because of the whole camera fiasco I do not have any recent pictures. I do, however, have something to share...


It is a series of webcam shots of Illusia and I watching a Netflix movie on my laptop (Tuck Everlasting if you're curious) She was being restless and bouncy and went up and somehow pushed some random keys that made the webcam pop up and just out of curiosity I did not turn it off and instead took some random stills (with the webcam running in the background) of us watching the movie and interacting. Then I made it into a short, silent 'film', how is that for coming full circle? :D

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