Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bad Days

Woke up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep, have to get some of these yucky day feelings away so bare with me...Today (now yesterday) did not start out bad. We (my mother, Illusia and I) left later in the afternoon (to avoid some of the heat) for a Andover Library visit and a few minutes at the park. After we got some great books and kiddie movies checked out and Illusia crawled around the floor, played with toys and insisted on pushing her stroller around in circles for 5 minutes before getting too dizzy to walk (adorable, but odd---oh well she is my child after all) we decided to head over to the park, which was nice for the most part until the end and Illusia got to swing and play with grass for a while.

It was a hot, lazy day and we were in no hurry and with no prerogative other than to relax and enjoy being together. So, of course something went wrong. First as we were getting ready to leave we saw a man and woman running around frantically looking for their boy. I was so afraid for them and upset because the park was right by a huge lake and I knew what they were dreading. I had to bite my tongue to keep from crying because the whole time I was thinking how I would be feeling if it were my child....scary stuff!

It was okay, just as I was getting Illusia around to go help they found him! Turns out (from what I could piece together from the father's breathless pant and some other eyewitnesses) that the boy went to hide in a tree because he did not want to go home...which makes me go WTH kid!?!? You had a perfect stranger ready to have a panic attack that you were laying face down in the lake somewhere, let alone your poor parents... and secondly WHEW!!

So after a few minutes of relief, we go to the car and it wont start. Sit there for a half hour before a very nice policeman comes and gives us a jump, spends several minutes retrying and finally on the sixth try or so, works. Drive home and let it charge for an extra few minutes, just-in-case-fingers-crossed-oh-please-oh-please-please-please-be-okay and it wont start again.

Things were just starting to get better. Bills caught up, ready to decorate our new home, got a lawnmower from the nice lady at my mom's work to cut down the jungle grass in the back yard, got a little swimming pool and bathing suit for Illusia so she could splash around (that I now have to feel guilty about buying!), signed us up for a great mommy and me storybook time once a week, had (still have?), a nice van with plenty of room for her stuff and space for her to kick her legs and look out the window. A van that has run almost perfect from day one.

And I can feel it all come crumbling down, again.....

Got the van fixed and for once it was not as bad as expected! Just  a dead battery and it did set us back a bit but not tooooo awful much. I am really happy over all that the cost was about 1/4 as much as I thought it would be and it is working great again. Thanks for the people that posted to cheer me up, it means a lot! :)
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