Monday, May 31, 2010

Little Mergirl

What is the best remedy for awful Kansas heat? Cool water and cuteness of course! In between thunderstorms and days so windy we would've blown away my princess of fang and glitter got to try her very first swimsuit on, in her very first pool!


She loveeeed it. After a brief 'OMGosh this water is not warm, I am going to cry!' moment she was overtaken by her primal need to splash. We did get rained on with tree seeds, but it was mostly perfect weather for a nice, cool dip.... in a giant frog with a rainbow roof.

90% of her pool time, she refused to play with anything but a red plastic cup. Which she dumped all over herself, whined about for a minute, then did it again and decided it was fun... and then dumped on poor, unsuspecting me! Sharing is caring, don't ya' know?


Like always I took enough photos to line the walls of my house with, but I shared some of  my very, very favorites and more H E R E in my Picasa gallery if you really need your daily cuteness boost today!

Happy Memorial Day!
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