Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good Things, Small Packages

After complaining on my last post about never winning anything, I forgot that I totally did win something cool a couple weeks ago from and it just came in the mail yesterday. Okay, it was not $120.00 but it was still full of fun! Unfortunately, the fun that I saw in the little pink bucket was a bit harder to find than I thought...

I tried to take a good picture with Illusia as we were trying to make a little (unrealistic) construction paper and paint image of ourselves, but it just would not happen. In fact the project we were trying to do just would not happen. I tried to involve her, explaining what we were doing, having her help pick out colors, etc. However my dear, loveable daughter was intent only on throwing colored pencils on the floor, tearing up the paper I was trying to use, taking my cellphone out of my pocket and calling strange numbers, trying to steal the scissors and eat everything non-edible in sight. In other words, acting like a 1 year old.


When I got her something appropriate to eat (yobaby yogurt) she refused by shaking her head 'no' vigorously and doing the whine of doom. So I put it up in case she changed her mind later. Only to try our project again. When no more than 20 seconds later I noticed things being a bit too quiet and looked back to the area I put the yogurt at to see her standing on tippy toes knocking it down, and smearing it on the dresser, the walls and piling it in her mouth. I then exclaimed something like 'WHA-WHY-AHHH!!' before collecting myself.

I tried to be as calm and non-annoyed as possible while picking her up and taking her into the bathroom for a good hand and face washing (somehow she missed her clothes) but she must have sensed I was still secretly yelling 'WHA-WHY-AHHH!' inside because she started crying when I picked her up and all through her washing. :( Obviously, I am the worst mommy ever for not letting her play with scissors, tear up paper and smear yogurt on the wall. After her mini-bath, she came in and took a nap (I was then secretly singing hallelujah) and I get a little more done.

Look at that angelic face! How can I stay even slightly annoyed at her? Darn baby superpowers! The image is about half finished. I used painted, glued on coffee filter for the hair and wings, construction paper for the face & body and the extra coffee filter dabbed in paint for the dirt and what might turn out to be a tree, if I can manage to make it not look too craptastic. I might just decide to scrap it and start over----While Illusia naps, lol.

P.S. Thanks, I am sure we will get a lot of use out of this :)!
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