Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer's Standing Still

Summer's standing still,
a smile on her face.
The quiet is like thunder
when there is nothing left to say.
Weeds might tell the wind,
to whisper and to blow.
So hold tightly to your string
or just give in and let it go.
Summer's hands are empty,
streets stick heavy with the heat.
The Sun lies in the shade
in the valley, behind the trees.
The ground will choke with seeds
as limbs will laugh for joy.
Spreading out their leaves
in the rays to feel the blow.
Storms are looming over,
ready for the chance to quake.
Blue skies will crack open
as white clouds are soaked in gray.
But Summer is quite smitten with
the game that they will play.
Hiding in the little girl
with a smile on her face.

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