Tuesday, June 22, 2010

14 Months, 1 Day

Illusia turned 14 months old yesterday (when I wanted to make this post!). In the last month she has gotten 6 new teeth, her first real brush with sickness, learned to walk, say 'bye bye' when she waves, 'mine mine mine' when she finds a toy she likes and can make the sign for 'potty' sometimes (with varying degrees of success actually going on the potty) 'food' and 'drink' (also, sometimes) and give hugs to say thank you.

I remember when she was 6 months and we were in McDonalds (for a playdate in the playroom) and there was a little 14 month old girl there walking around and smiling, giggling and trying to pick things up off the floor to eat. I remember wondering if Illusia would ever get to that age. I mean... I knew she would, it just seemed so far away for my baby who just learned to sit up and just became interested in toys.

6 month old beauty
Now she is 14 months old and is walking around and communicating with me in ways other than crying, screaming or whining. Is very interested in toys. Is very interested in everything. It is kind of amazing. So is the fact that in 4 months she will be 1½, in 10 months she will be 2. Just a wow moment that came a lot sooner than I thought it would. I am just so awed by her right now.

The reason that I did not get this posted yesterday and the reason I slept through story time this morning, (which made me bummed because sick or not I was looking forward to taking her :(. ) I have had a bad ear ache, head ache, dizziness, weakness and general crappiness for the last few days and for a while I kept getting so confused (had a fever also, apparently) that even blogging seemed to hard. Yesterday was the worst and after trying a couple times and re-reading what I wrote... and realising it made no sense, I gave up and spent the day watching Lie To Me eps on Netflix.

In between entertaining my very not sick honey bunches who managed to take every single toy out of her toy bin and scatter them amongst the room, unroll a roll of paper towel and toilet paper, stick her hands down her diaper and get an !emergency bath! and basically totally take advantage of my not-so-alert condition. I do seem to be feeling better now, though I am officially obsessed with reading people's facial expressions, lol.

We are going to the park later and hopefully I have an update with cute pictures of a girl who just started her 14th month. I cannot wait for what the next 30 29 days has is store for us. :)
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