Monday, June 7, 2010

Company Hates Misery

I cannot stand to watch my baby suffer, it just sucks so much and yesterday evening, all night long and this morning was so Hellish for her and everyone around her! (me and her Grandma A.) She not only is teething 6 teeth but also came down with Hand, foot, and mouth disease at the same time! The world has a cruel irony for such a little girl! ;(

She had a slight fever I attributed to teething (she had a little one last time with no other symptoms) and I attributed the fussiness and pain to all those teeth popping through until around yesterday afternoon when I just knew something was off. I just felt that this was not her normal behavior. She barely ever really cries truthfully. She does whine a lot at times, but crying only happens when she is extremely tired or hurt. When she is in pain she usually just wants held, nursed more often and is extra clingy and grumpy... Last night she was almost screaming in pain from around 11pm to 3am straight. Nothing other than walking the floors would comfort her. Needless to say, my feet really hurt.

I kept going back to the fact that I am a first time mom, I don't know what teething is like. I hear all these horrible stories and I think well, maybe it is just her teeth and this amount of pain and fussiness is normal. But something in my gut told me this was NOT a normal reaction for her, it must be more than that. So this morning we took her to the ER and they found the characteristic white ringed blisters all over her throat, under her tongue and she also had one between her little toes. I feel so guilty for waiting and not taking her yesterday when I knew something was wrong, when she would barely drink, not touch even Popsicles and cold yogurt, when she tried to nurse but found it too painful.

I feel horrible that all that suffering was because I didn't discover the truth soon enough or not act fast enough when I started suspecting something was wrong. Her fever broke yesterday so that means she already had it 2-3 days beforehand and I did not ever know....I realise her 6 teeth played a part in masking the symptoms but as the doctor went to go write out the perscription I broke down, I just started crying thinking about how much pain she must have been in and how stupid I was for not rushing her in yesterday. I feel I failed an important test in mommyhood.

My only small comfort is that the medicine worked fast and well and after taking it (and letting it set into her owies) she ate two cups of yogurt, some cereal and drank some juice and is taking a long, peaceful nap. She will have this up to a week so it will be a long one.

Heartbreaking face, directly before medicine. I was actually NOT attempting to capture her misery, I was trying to get a good pic of her cute shirt which says 'peace begins with a smile.'

20 minutes after medicine and still sleeping soundly 2.5 hours later!

The shaky 5/6 teeth verdict is finally IN--- she has 4 Lateral Incisors and 2 first molars popping though at once. In 2 unrelated matters A. I am sure this post is riddled with typos, going on 3 hours of sleep here and B. The opening of my new layout has been pushed back a couple more days as I have more important things on my mind. Expect a lot of new pages and cute Illi Berry fun when it does though.

Think happy pain free thoughts for Illusia!!!!
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