Friday, June 18, 2010

Behind Blue Eyes


My belle princesse has been doing well recently, a bit moody because of the still teething aspect but she has seemed to be entertained by our recent excursions. One such outing was on Tuesday, after story time we went to the conveniently located park right next door and before getting too tired and cranky she enjoyed a few minutes of swinging and playing around inside a giant plastic hippo full of woodchips.

The pictures actually remind me of what a flower might see if looking up from the ground---if said flower actually resided in a giant plastic hippo at the park. ;)

On Thursday we went to the Exploration Place Playgrounds that I never knew existed before now. It was suppose to be a playgroup, that I majorly failed to be a part of---I knew no one and no one said a single word to me--- but I bit back my sadness and took cute pictures and enjoyed Illusia's enthusiasm. She did more walking than she ever has and only fell once the entire time. She is getting to be such a big girl!

This inquisitive, awesome little girl kept showing off for us and being nice to Illusia, she even showed her how to look into the mirrors. Very sweet kiddo.

I was surprised at how much Illusia loved the fountains, even though she got briefly upset when it surprise attacked her and got her soaking wet, You gotta watch out for those fountains that secretly wish they were ninja's!

Overall I liked the day, I got a lot of cute pictures and even a couple videos of my girl playing and it was a nice park I might go back to sometime. It did hurt my feelings and make me uncomfortable to feel like an outsider, yet again. But it is not others fault that I am too socially inept to make friends. It is a lot easier to swallow with Illusia's sweetness around, that's for sure.


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