Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something Old, Something New

This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. It features a 3 month Illusia and a 3 week kitten I was fostering at the time, Rainart. I just adore it. And you know what? It has very little to do with photography techniques, composition, color or tune. Those things play a small part, but the main thing that grabs me personally is the emotion that it encompasses.
I love to take photos. I have always loved to take photos. There are of course many people with better cameras, props, more skill than I have and may ever have and to be honest... sometimes that does bother me, make me feel inferior. I have to remind myself that I take pictures because I enjoy it. My life does not have less meaning nor are my memories less important because they are not taken with a $800.00+ DSLR and a custom lens.
I have to remember that I cherish the process of capturing a moment. Like a slip of perfection in a single second, now eternal. I love taking my photos and editing them, bringing out the hues and colors, the hidden loveliness. With luck and a little patience, the more I take the more I will improve. But improvement in and of itself along with the chase for perfection is not necessarily needed to find joy behind the lens.
As for that picture; right now, at this moment I am SO happy with the shot. It captures the beautiful delicacy of infants, the softness of sharing a sleepy-eyed moment and the heart-fluttering reverence of being alive and I can not think of a single thing to add to that.

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