Friday, June 4, 2010

Bath of Glitter

I took this for I Heart Faces (IHF) - Barefoot Week.
I pretty much fail with textures, but this turned out decent, simple and soft.
Texture itself is from night-fate-stock @ dA


In other exciting news Illusia is still teething but being a real champ about it IMO. I would probably be laying on the bed all day crying 'why me' with my head under a pillow if I had 5 teeth coming in. She mostly just wants to be held more and is extra sensitive/cranky... Also, we are getting new internet service today! BYE BYE CRICKET!! I will not miss your extreme slowness and frequent disconnections. Nor will I miss your bill as I am now paying half the price for 6 times the speed.

One more thing, I found out that my layout is causing the problems with FF comments and it is driving me nuts so expect a brand new look coming in the next couple days (or so)!
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