Friday, June 11, 2010

New Layout

WOW, a brand new layout for Fanged Faerie Princess! It only took me a few hours overnight to make the layout (based on 3 column minima) but several days of tweaking in between a teething/sick toddler to add the content. (Mentioning that Illusia is doing really well again and is back to her old self. leaving a trail of spilled food, torn paper and pixie dust in her wake. :))

Be sure to check out the new and revamped pages, added lots of new pics, videos, poems and working on the art page today. I hope everyone finds the more simple layout easier to navigate, faster to load and a LOT easier to comment on. Please, anyone that has a problem with commenting or anything else related to this blog let me know on my new contact page.

Feel free to shower me with compliments tell me what you think!

Do you have a new layout or update on your blog that you would like to share? Let me and any visitor know by adding your link here:
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