Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

We were far too busy yesterday and missed the whole words and Wednesdays extravaganza but we did have some cool times behind the scenes. Or trying to stay cool times anyway... It has been near 100 degrees plus humid these last few days. It is the humidity that makes true misery, I think. The heat is more tolerable when it does not cause a layer of baste on your skin and stick to the insides of your throat on every inhale.

We have been staying inside during afternoons, it is just too much 'ARGH IT'S HOT' annoyance, but we have ventured out a little at morning and evening time. We waded through the water at the Segwick Co. Park before heading off to the playgrounds for some hard core playing time.
The most awesome thing was the fact that we got there at just the right time for FREE ICE CREAM. I kid you not!!! I am not sure if there is anything more cool (all puns intended) on the face of the Earth than a melty ice cream sandwich and a sweet little pumpkin to share it with.

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