Monday, June 14, 2010

Music Maker

Things have been a bit slow around here lately as far as adventure goes. Since Illusia has been feeling better and is already 3½ teeth bigger (including one 1st molar) and over her bout of HFMD you would think we would be having more fun. But, everyday we manage to get out it seems to storm and the only adventure we've had lately is putting together a toy bin, a trip to the grocery store and a HOT HOT couple hours of garage sailing!

Tomorrow we are going to story time at the library though, so that should be something. I am thinking of 'making' Grandma A. take pictures of the event, just to have something to share. I always get kind of VERY nervous going to places like that, closed in with other people, even mommies. Our first day was two weeks ago and we missed last week because of Illusia feeling sick, so now I feel all out of the loop again, not that I was ever in it.

See, though I do not talk about it here I have Social Anxiety Disorder (also called Social Phobia.) Add to the mix that I am naturally a very shy and introverted girl you have a total social misfit, lol. So, I really do not know if I will ever make friends around this area. Other people seem to communicate so easily and I always just feel like an awkward spectator, not ever really connecting with anyone. The whole thing just makes me so frustrated, if my baby were not with me I doubt if anyone would say one word to me (or me to them.)

Luckily, I do have my baby girl so I can just concentrate on her having a good time and try to block out all the negative feelings of judgment and not fitting in. Speaking of her and getting my mind out of the awkward place we DID go garage sailing in Derby as they had city-wide garage sales and we manged to find some great stuff for about 5 bucks total.

Aside from the temperatures near 100 it was a pretty good day. I ran across a woman with a free baby/toddler toys box and got a couple goodies like a red picture die and a fake cellphone. Then we ventured out into the country and found a huge sale of kids stuff and got some really nice stuff for 2 dollars total. Several stuffed animals, kids cds, a couple books, 2 new swimming suits, some summer clothes and my girl's favorite: a 10 cent xylophone.

She loves to play it all the time and it is so adorable. I am convinced this means she is going to grow up to be a musician. So, what if she has a rather unique way of playing it?  I think that makes her all the more awesome and creative.

Surely, she has the dignified grace of a pianist, right?

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